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How to buy a thing-a-ma-jig on AllSorta...
...even if it isn't there!

One of our goals is to help you buy items intelligently. Often, this process is complicated by possible choices being on many different sites, making it hard to compare them. We think we have at least a partial solution.

Let me illustrate with the dining room table that our family needed. Our old table was unstable, and even with extra leaves added, was too small for hosting guests.

First, I looked on AllSorta, but didn't find a great selection of tables (it is, after all, a brand new site). So, I opened a new browser window and found additional tables that met my criteria from various sources like eBay, Craigslist, my local paper's website, and an online furniture store., User: Rick Harris; 
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic As I found each possibility, I added it to AllSorta as a hidden listing. To do this, I...
  • Right-clicked on the image, then saved it to my computer.
  • In AllSorta, I added a "Table" item to my list, and cut-and-pasted information from the other site.
  • Put the original web page URL or contact information in the "Other details" field (so I wouldn't have to find the listing again).
  • Clicked the "Hide this?" flag to make it a hidden listing (IMPORTANT).
  • Clicked "Continue" then uploaded the image.
Finally, I compared all the listings using AllSorta's "Compare" feature. To do this, I...
  • Clicked "Compare" in one of my table listings.
  • Sorted by the characteristics I was most interested in (length, width, color, price) until I could make a decision.
You can do this with any listed item. It takes a bit of time, but really helps with big-ticket items, or complex items where AllSorta has already listed important parameters.

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