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Closed Sunday

Yes, the web works 24/7 and no, most folk aren't in our time zone.

We're actually not wrapped around being closed on a particular day of the week, or for a certain number of hours (and frankly, we may change this policy after we've tried it for a while if it doesn't seem to be beneficial). And we certainly don't want to be like the Pharisees of Biblical times, who tithed their kitchen spices (quick, what's 1/10 of a cup of parsley?) and forgot about mercy and justice.

This is really a reminder (mostly to us) to rest and trust and focus.
  • Rest, because we weren't made to work continuously. Our bodies and minds need a break, and once a week is a pretty good start.

  • Trust, out of a world view that we serve an immense, frighteningly pure, and astoundingly merciful God, who cares for us as we return to Him and get over the notion that everything depends on how hard we work.

  • Focus -- on what's important. By turning this off once a week, we're trying to say that, though hopefully this site is useful, it's not indispensable, and life will go on very well without it.
Where's the rest and trust and focus in your life?

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